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Print Design

Pride Grad Booklet

In celebrating Queer students as they graduate CSULA, Pride Grad captures the ethereal, vibrancy of it's participants.


Sims Software Brochure

Drawing inspiration from the cutting-edge nature of Sims Software's services, the brochure templates combine sleek aesthetics with a user-friendly layout. The design elements incorporate a harmonious blend of modern typography, striking visuals, and a color palette that exudes trust, reliability, and professionalism.

Zen of Design Book

Booklet layout designs created to propose to the CEO of UNINCORPORATED for his newest project: A biography capturing his journey through spirituality and design.

Poster Designs

Personal poster projects: A collage & fictitious movie poster

MDPro PR Boxes

In order to show appreciation for MDPro's medical partners, I have designed a PR Box containing various marketing materials built to inform consumers on our newest devices.

PR Box Design Concepts:

PR Box insert:

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